Classic flavors, totally new experiences!

Freeze-Dried Candy

You won't believe how intense the flavor is, and don't get us started on the texture!

An Amazing New Take On
The Sweets You Know And Love!

Freeze drying radically changes the texture of candy, and the flavor is intensified beyond words. You really just have to experience it for yourself to truly understand; it’s that good.

There are also some “outside the box” benefits that you might not think about, such as the ultra-light weight for backpacking or outdoor activities, and a certain tendency to melt in your mouth and not put stress on braces or dental repairs, which can allow you to eat certain treats you might’ve had to stay away from. 

Available for all Types of Events

Our mission is to brighten up your day and bring a smile to your face, so what better way that to bring that sweetness straight to you, whether that be a birthday party, a wedding reception, or a private event.

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